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TAIB Deposit Certificate (TDC) is a Syariah Compliant term deposit with tenure of 1. It is based on the Syariah concept of Mudharabah Muthlaqah (unrestricted profit sharing) and denominated in Brunei currency. Profits will be shared based on the agreed pre-determined profit sharing ratio.

Syariah Concept
Mudharabah Muthlaqah (Unrestricted Mudharabah)

Type of Account
Term Deposit

  • 1 year


  • No age restriction
  • Open to both Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Open to Bruneian citizens, permanent residents and expatriate*
  • Minimum Deposit of BND100 per certificate
  • Must have Al-Wadiah Savings Account

Required Documents*
Identity Card


  • Profit Sharing Ratio of 70 (Customer): 30 (TAIB)
  • Syariah Compliant.
  • Profits (if any) distribution semi-annual (Interim Profits)
  • Low minimum deposit.
  • Unlimited number of certificates per holder
  • Fast and Competitive return.

*Terms and Conditions
Subject to terms and conditions. TAIB reserves the right to review and change the above features and benefits at its discretion from time to time.