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Standing Instruction is a value added services offered by Perbadanan Tabung Amanah Islam Brunei to the customer.

Methods of Standing Instruction   
Standing Instruction can be done by 2 ways:
  • From one account to another account within Perbadanan TAIB called Internal Instruction, or/and 
  • From TAIB account to other banks or financial institutions by way of External Instruction.
Documents Required
  • TAIB Account Passbook
How to apply
  1. Application can be made at any TAIB Branches.
    • Monday to Thursday - 8:45am to 4:00pm
    • Friday - 8:45am to 11:15am and 2:30pm to 4:00pm
    • Saturday - 8:45 to 11:15am
  2. Application can also be made through ATM with no restricted time.
  • Standing Instruction that is done through counter will be charged BND$5.10 
  • Standing Instruction done by way of cheque will be charged BND$15.00
Standing Instruction Process
Standing Instruction is process according to the instruction date.