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Ar-Rizq Deposit Account is a short term deposit based on the Syariah concept of Al-Wadiah Yad Ad Dhamanah (Guaranteed Safe Custody.

Syariah Concept
Al-Wadiah Yad Ad Dhamanah (Guaranteed Safe Custody)

Type of Account
  • Term Deposit


  • 3 months
  • 6 months
  • 9 months


  • No age restriction
  • Open to both Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Open to Bruneian citizens and permanent residents
  • Minimum Deposit of BND1,000 only
  • Must have Al-Wadiah Savings Account

Required Documents*

  • Identity Card


  • Syariah Compliant
  • Fast and Competitive return.
  • Hibah * - Distribution upon maturity

*Terms and Conditions
Subject to terms and conditions. TAIB reserves the right to review and change the above features and benefits at its discretion from time to time.